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We have the right solution for you:

- If you're a reseller or want to have different accounts for different customers / campaigns.

- If you are looking for solutions with Value-added Mobile applications or Mobile Advertising.

- If you are looking for any service that requires SMS, MMS, voice, IVR, WAP, Web, streaming, broadcast, live moderation, interactive media.

- If you are looking for specialized SMS services using extensive database targeting options.

- If you are looking to deliver the appropriate promotional message directly to interested customers.

- If you are looking to empower your business with interactive media.

Ask us how we can do it, and how we will do it.
What will you think?

SMS antispam policy.
Content of SMS Messages:

You shall not send any SMS Message which:

  1. is misleading or deceptive.
  2. could infringe a law or regulation.
  3. offensive to public order or morals.
  4. brings an unacceptable sense of fear or anxiety.
  5. is regarded as a chain letter, junk SMS message, spam, or an unsolicited message.
  6. does not ensure possessing all necessary licenses, permits, and other forms of authority.
  7. is used to collect information about recipients without their consent.

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