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GlobeSMS Platinum Connectivity gateway is a subsidiary division of the Allied Business Inc.  and an "Operator Grade" Level of SMS services to most Networks all over the world.

GlobeSMS provides a rich set of features whilst remaining easy and intuitive to use supplying reliable, innovative and competitively priced text messaging solutions.

Almost 15 years on and GlobeSMS is firmly established as a biggest SMS service provide in Lebanon, bringing years of accumulated knowledge in the mobile communications industry with the aim of providing first-class dependable business and marketing SMS services.

Main activities include development, provision, operation and maintenance of platforms, based on SMS, PSMS, Voice, and bulk Media broadcast technologies.

Comprehensive Worldwide and Lebanon SMS Delivery.

Our products range includes numerous in-house developed tools, applications platforms and the best-in-class SMS gateway with an unshakable standards of excellence, that ensure reliable and swift delivery to any mobile handset.

Our customers feel always good and satisfied about the services we provide, and they are a testament to our dedication of maintaining high standards.

GlobeSMS has become a vital hassle-free personalized tool, daily used for critical alerts, crisis notifications, important updates, staff communications, improving loyalty, customer service, promotions, events, marketing broadcasts, appointment reminders, etc…

In fact, for any situation where you need to get in touch with your audience instantly and quickly, we always provide  the ideal solution at an affordable price.
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