Our Background, Our Services and What You Stand to Gain.

In a world where communication has gone far beyond mere interaction among people in the same space, GlobeSMS provides a service that allows you to send text messages from the Internet to users around the world. Our goal is to become your long-term company for SMS solutions. We provide bulk SMS, A2P-SMS, SMS marketing, and highly available Transactional-SMS platforms that offer a host of other benefits. We are also known for our flexibility as we adapt to the latest enterprise environments as soon as change occurs.

Within a period of 19 years, we have acquired and amassed experience and have risen to become the biggest VAS company in Lebanon. Our platform is a fully scalable communication tool. It provides you with the tools you need to manage your corporate SMS communications more effectively. It's a complete and easy-to-use messaging option that fits various business needs.

Our scope is transnational and is easy to implement, that-is, code generation driven by a quick and easy to use wizard. We have proven to be a reliable support platform, which is easy-to-use and a large number of our other features for SMS messaging are available at an affordable price. Our profitable marketing solutions are extremely reliable and have received numerous positive reviews from customers.

Our platform enables you to send SMS to any mobile phones worldwide, anywhere, anytime, as long as you have a PC / notebook with Internet connections. This easy to use web SMS application is perfect for enterprises, executives and individuals who want an instant and hassle-free alternative to mobile phone SMS marketing. This goes a long way in helping businesses of all kinds. These include business owners, financial institutions, medical institutions, education, entertainment and government agencies.

A business in any of these categories can effectively introduce their business to the public. They can easily make announcements regarding new prices adjustments, introduce new products/services. The features will also attract more traffic to your company’s website. In the case of debt collections, it can be used to remind debtors that their debts are due for payment. It can also be used to inform a network of people about credit alerts after a transaction.

The usage can also be extended to greetings and birthday wishes to make your customers feel appreciated and eventually create profitable bond. This has proven to increase customer relations and strengthen loyalty to brands.

Our Structure

GlobalSMS.com is a subsidiary of Allied Business Investment Inc., duly registered and incorporated under Lebanese law. The company was founded in 2001 and has demonstrated its proven expertise in SMS delivery in a new age.

The company has always been and will always be committed to being a world leader in messaging, providing leadership, customer service and constant growth. To learn more about our coverage, check Coverage

GlobeSMS has developed new methods to make the entire SMS management process truly dauntless. Our most remarkable features include the simplicity, ease of use, excellent service, and 24/7 customer support making us an excellent provider in the SMS marketing niche. GlobalSMS is the leading competitor when it comes to improving high quality SMS marketing offerings. The future ranking of the company depends on the perfection and reputation it has.

In line with this, our entire structure is built with the hopes of achieving excellence in all the services it provides across all borders.

Our Role in Creating a Green World

At GlobalSMS, we recognize the fact that sustainability has become a business imperative for all companies. This goes alongside the need to work responsibly, minimize footprint, innovate around the life cycle of a resource and be transparent.

As a new generation leader in SMS service, we task ourselves to be a part of this transformation of the society which means focusing more on green and sustainable business practices. This is one of the reasons we are playing our role in this global trend and reducing our emissions.

We have invested in modifying some of our key eco-friendly and energy-efficient hardware. We have minimized the use of fans. - We have used energy efficient products to reduce energy consumption when items are not in use or under insignificant load.

We comply with all applicable laws, codes of conduct and regulations. We understand that it is very important that we treat our environmental impact as a business. This deep sense of responsibility plays an important role in the way we conduct our day-to-day business by promoting environmental sustainability.

It is for the reason we encourage and promote making green decisions and, where possible, we choose only partners with clear and transparent environmental policies. While we are proud of our progress, we realize immediately that even greater milestones are needed in the future because we recognize the increasingly important role of why we need to go green!

Our Image Based on Outcomes and Feedbacks

With a delivery rate of 99.9%, GlobeSMS is one of the most deliverable forms of communication worldwide, It is firmly established as an "Operator-Grade" Level of SMS services, bringing years of accumulated knowledge in the global mobile messaging and value added industry with the aim of providing first-class dependable business and marketing SMS services.

It is easy to use and simple to understand, this satisfies our customers as they are a testament to our dedication of maintaining high standards. We help them comply with spam laws and best practices so they can get their text-messages into phones inbox all time.

GlobeSMS is a High-Performance SMS Gateway that become a vital hassle-free personalized tool, daily used for critical alerts, crisis notifications, important updates, staff communications, improving loyalty, customer service, promotions, events, marketing broadcasts, appointment and reminders. In fact, for any situation where you need to get in touch with your audience instantly and quickly, we always provide the ideal solution at an affordable price.