Bulk SMS

Services and Features

Globe SMS is one of the world's leading providers of bulk text messaging services. Our bulk SMS service helps you increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. GlobeSMS to Worldwide enables businesses to communicate with their customers in real time, anytime, anywhere by transferring information directly to their mobile phone.

Why GlobeSMS?

  • Great international SMS coverage
  • Fast SMS Sending and delivery
  • Support 24/7
  • No setup fees for an SMS account
  • There is no minimum SMS to buy
  • There are no hidden fees for each SMS package
  • There is no port cost for SMS
Globe SMS brings you a creative, technical and global experience to meet your marketing goals, whether it's customer acquisition, loyalty, brand promotion or product launch. Bulk SMS has never been so easy.

A2P Hub - Transactional SMS

Efficiency of A2P Platform

Application-to-person (A2P) SMS marketing involves sending a text message from an application to a subscribed user via an SMS sending service. SMS sent from GlobeSMS platform can be opened on any mobile phone with the most basic feature. With the GlobeSMS OTP API, you can instantly verify and add protection to your payments, subscriptions, and online transactions. Our A2P platform is a dedicated infrastructure that ensures rapid deployment of OTPs.

Our versatile and proven A2P SMS messaging system is a catalyst for all mobile network operators, helping them to generate new, more modern revenue streams without the need for additional investments. Simplifying messaging services for our global business customers portfolio enables mobile operators to generate additional revenue.

We set an industry record for our many years of SMS transaction messaging experience and we are confident in delivering world-class performance and support for all A2P SMS requirements.

Secure: Protect your online accounts with a one-time password, two-factor authentication, or a password-free login, and more. Use our simple API to increase protection.

Immediate Delivery: The most important feature of verification is time, which requires prompt delivery of the requested codes that are sent in the blink of an eye.

Customizable: Set customizable SMS and try-again interval to send or deliver your code.

SMS Marketing

Global Nature of SMS Marketing

It has been proven that there is a higher response rate to SMS Marketing compared to direct communication, making SMS marketing the preferred way to go. This feature would enable you to reach your customers without the hassle of setting up software. All you need is a PC with Internet connection and informing your clients about the latest promotion is just a few clicks away. With no maintenance, monthly or setup fee, it is definitely one of the most cost-effective ways to carry out your marketing campaign.

Tens of thousands of companies use GlobeSMS marketing resources to send text to their target audience via our SMS marketing platform. Since SMS marketing is based on permission, SMS is safe for your business and will not be affected by spam when you send out promotions, coupons, alerts, and more through UNIQUE specific text messages.

Our SMS marketing service helps businesses save time, effort and money. Better still, it aids company to focus on its core competencies. Instead of focusing on other targeted businesses. Instant delivery capability, flexible platform, instant inclusion and opt-out rates, higher open rates, high conversion rates, reliability and unlimited marketing potential make global SMS marketing the # 1 relative to others existing marketing platforms.

Some other benefits of SMS marketing include the fact that it attracts active subscribers. For instance, despite having a population of 30 million in 2014, Malaysia is stated to have had over 40 million active mobile subscribers; that’s equivalent to more than one mobile device per person.

Beyond that, a quick survey anywhere will reveal that people read their SMS more than emails. According to Techipedia, of all the SMS messages sent on a daily basis, 98% are opened, with 83% opened within 3 minutes. It shows the speed and effectiveness SMS marketing has over the other alternatives.

Another feature of SMS marketing is its flexibility. This is apparent from delivering notifications, subscriptions, broadcast advertising and new campaign, cross-selling to sending out reminders, it’s simply a smart solution to your marketing needs. To a large extent, it works swiftly for our business as well as yours making it a wise choice to make.

We understand the nature of businesses in such a way that we recognize that they are not usually tailored to one particular structure. With this in mind, SMS marketing becomes a good option if the goal of the business is linked with a personal touch.

One of the features is that messages can be easily customized to fit a specific campaign and the targeted demographic.

With all these features, it is almost needless to point out that SMS messages are delivered almost instantly, wherever your customers/recipients are in the world. This proves the speed and reliability of this option.

In line with our goal to be a part of a green economy, SMS marketing reduces the possibilities of leaving extra carbon footprints and use of paper. It is also cost effective.

Why GlobeSMS unique marketing texting is so effective?

  • Permission-based SMSs: the marketing lists are very targeted; they only contain customers who normally choose to receive such messages.
  • Quality of the messaging: Your text marketing program does not mean anything if your audience does not receive your messages. The GlobeSMS marketing platform uses only the highest quality message routes to ensure that users receive the text messages you send.
  • Mass media tool: Almost everyone has a mobile phone. With Globe SMS marketing, you can reach subscribers with the touch of a button.
  • Instant delivery: the SMS are sent and received in a few seconds, 100% delivery, without gray routes. Think about how powerful it is alone. You can set the exact time and date when customers receive your promotions, and sure they will be delivered.
  • Analytics: you can easily track which messages/promotions work and which ones do not. As a result, you can constantly improve your text campaigns and marketing messages in all other advertising markets.
  • New Features: We constantly add new features to build customer loyalty and grow your businesses
  • Other Benefits: - Customers can share valuable text actions with friends and family. The customer stays up to date with business - The customer won’t feel forgotten because of the lack of marketing reach.

Intercarriers Messaging

Ease in Managing Business

With GlobeSMS Intercarrier Messaging, users can connect with any operator at any time. Our platform offers you a single and simplified center for all messaging services. This helps increase customer satisfaction, increase reach, reduce costs, and increase your company's revenue.

Our inter-carrier messaging solves the problem of connection problems by providing mobile operators a gateway that reaches all their partners. It offers subscribers a seamless messaging experience across geographic and technological boundaries.

  • Connects operators and devices behind the scenes, giving phone users the perfect experience
  • It works on hundreds of networks and technologies.
  • Manages transparent routing, protocol conversion, and reformatting.
  • Provides filtering and anti-spam controls, gray route traffic management and reports
  • It combines the functions of routing and conversion.
  • Provides online access to monitoring and reporting tools.
  • Transcode messages in real time on the appropriate technology.
  • Provides billing information and report statistics.
  • Allows numbers assigned to landlines to send and receive messages.

Call Center

Flexibility and Efficiency

Our ability to be flexible and scalable is essential to the success of our customers. We work with you to provide the services and call center solutions best suited to your business model.

With our cost-effective call center services 24 hours a day, you can improve customer loyalty and increase your revenue per customer. We offer a range of call center services that can be as simple as a messaging service or expert technical support responses. We have a flexible, fast-tracking and adaptable team and systems that meet the needs of a new business and a trillion dollars businesses. Our services include:

  • 24/7 phone support.
  • Online customer service.
  • Desktop support.
  • Technical support.
  • Support after hours.
  • Product information services.

Short Code

Services and Promotions

A short SMS code is a four or five number to which an SMS text message can be sent. Companies often use our short SMS codes so that customers can participate in their SMS campaigns, notify their services or participate in SMS contests.

Our service receives the text, then charge "Subscriber fees", which then transfers the incoming request or even responds accordingly, and possibly sends an SMS with the message "Thank you for contacting us" to the subscriber. The GlobeSMS short code has been designed to be easy to use and to offer many features. Here are some of the following features:

  • Free online app to run your service.
  • Low Setup fees and low monthly fees
  • Host and manage the service to meet your needs.

For more information on our short code services, contact us.